Board Progression 2010


I would like to submit the following Progression of Board of Directors Appointments to be published in the Progressions, Promotions in Central Florida section of the Orlando Sentinel:

Board of Directors

The 2010-2011 elected officers of Community Health Centers Board of Directors include Beverly Paulk, Chairperson, CHC board member for the past 8 years and retired Financial Planner and former RN; Ray Schleichkorn, 1st Vice-Chairperson, Physical Therapist for Florida Hospital; Mercedes Fonseca, 2nd Vice-Chairperson, Early Head Start Program Supervisor for Children’s Home Society; Maria L. Rodriguez-Scott, Treasurer, CPA, and Independent Business Consultant; Pascale Vincent, Secretary, Coordinator of the Vocational Rehabilitation Project for the Farmworkers Association of Florida; Jim Norman, Parliamentarian, Property Management for Lockheed Martin; Marc Grossman, Past Chairperson, Realtor for Marc It Sold; Dr. Lauren Josephs, Vice President & COO of Visionary Vanguard Group, Inc.; Irma Keys, retired Education Counselor; Luckner Millien, Vocational Rehabilitation Outreach Educator for the Farmworkers Association of Florida; Richard Reyes, Managing Member of Wealth & Business Planning Group, LLC; Dr. Anthony Wong, Dentist for Wong Family Dental Center.

Photos include members of the Board’s Executive Committee:

Beverly Paulk
Ray Schleichkorn
1st Vice Chairperson

Mercedes Fonseca
2nd Vice Chairperson
Maria L. Rodriguez-Scott

Pascale Vincent
Jim Norman

Marc Grossman
Past Chairperson

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