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You Are Appreciated! Doctors Day 2015

Medical Employees Celebrating

Provider Appreciation Day

The first Doctor’s Day took place March 30th, 1933, on the anniversary of the first use of general anesthesia in surgery. Every year since, both patients and coworkers use this date to recognize and show thanks for the dedication and commitment our providers give in providing excelent care.

Community Health Centers would like to thank all of our own dedicated providers for the outstanding quality of work they provide for our growing patient base. These individuals play a critical role in providing compassionate care to our economically and culturally diverse communities in Central Florida.

Providers of Community Health Centers

Roger Wray, DDS
Debra Sue Andree, MD
Carl E Juliao, DMD
Catalin Teodoru, DMD
Cynthia Jean Popa, DDS
Janet McDowell-Travis, DDS
Kathleen Nguyen, DMD
Lisa B. Browning, DDS
Luis A Estrada, DDS
Pascale R. Chery, DMD
Roderick Mathis, DDS
Theresa Palomeque, DDS
Waleska Velez-Leon, DMD
Darren Marsh, RPh
Dion Farrell, MD
Frank Aran-Serrano, MD
Jocelyn Pichardo, MD
Paul W. Jueng, MD
Phuong-Thi Tran, DO
Robert Olson, MD
Sandra B. Laurencin, MD
Syed Farooq Basheer, MD
Arthur Dalley, MD
Crisanto R. Delgado, MD
Alisa Geers, NP-C
Carrie Michelle Bellemore, NP-C
Cecele Rogers, NP-C
Joanne Robertson, NP-C
Kirsten Rowe, NP-C
Marthilde Lambert, NP-C
Stephanie Sankey, NP-C
Tanica L. Minnis, NP-C
Tracy Perkins, NP-C
Rachel Simmons, DNP-C
Felix Oyola, MD
Genelle Walters, DO
Juan Ravelo, MD
Shiela A Bahn, MD
Ying Lei, MD
Beatriz Sotelo, MD
Carlos Torneria, MD
Cathy Franco, MD
Chika Ugorji, MD
Colleen McLeod, MD
Lewis C Wasserman, MD
Linda A Wasserman, MD
Nickeey Salmon, MD
Noelle Gates, MD
Olivia A. Chaney, MD
Ramon Augusto Fonseca, MD
Shani Cunningham, DO
William J. Franks, MD
Zureima Cartagena, MD
A.M. Mahbub Hassan, RPh
Gloria G. Peck, RPh
Hannah Allison, RPh
Irina Vacek, RPh
Jana Huffman, RPh
Jerry Huffman, RPh
Laila Hassan, RPh
Mariam Estefan, RPh
Nicole Fretwell, RPh
Nicole Roppel, RPh
Sawsan Sorial, RPh
Terri E Walker, RPh
Zorena Wahab, RPh
Christina Sorrell, PA-C
Nazeeka S Baksh, PA-C
Shannon Osorio, PA-C
Yvette Simon, PA-C
Gregg A. Stewart, DMD
John Michael Ham-Ying, MD
Mari Holderby, OD
John Fusselman, OD
Thomas Valente, MD


Thank You For Everything You Do

Please remember to thank your health care providers!

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