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Sliding Discount Program

Get Payment Assistance with our Sliding Discount Program

Community Health Centers offers a program that reduces the cost of care for uninsured patients or can be applied to insurance deductibles for patients with insurance.

It is our vision to provide essential services regardless of ability to pay. 

Discounts are offered depending upon household income and size. A “Family” is one or more persons living in one dwelling place who are related by blood, marriage, or law. Adults and minor children are considered a family. Relatives over 18 (that are not full-time students) are not eligible to be used as dependents for this application process.

Proof of Income or Inability to Pay

Once qualified, discounts will apply for 3-6 months. To continue receiving a discount you will need to complete a new application and provide current proof of income documentation every nine months.

Sliding Discount Program Quick Guide

1) Submit an Application Form

Our Sliding Discount Program application form can be completed online, or in person by calling.

2) Meet With a Financial Counselor

Schedule you're appointment to meet with a Financial Counselor to go review your application form.

3) Bring Financial Information

Remember to bring proof of income to your meeting. It is required to complete the application.

4) Get Approved

After approval, you’re able to make an appointment for any service offered at any Community Health Centers location.

Re-Apply Every 3-6 Months

Applicants will need to reapply for discounts every 3-6 months with new proof of income

Sliding Discount Program Income Levels

The Sliding Discount Program Income Levels chart is used to determine the discount a patient is eligible to receive on their total charges for services. The scale can change from year to year, and the scale below should be used as a reference. Sliding scale level will be determined on application submission.

Community Health Centers Sliding Discount Program Income Levels 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

To get started, you’ll first need to submit a Sliding Discount Program application. This can be done online using our online application form, or in-person by scheduling an appointment with a Financial Counselor. Call 407-905-8827 to set up the appointment.

Qualification is based on your household’s combined annual income. Even if you don’t qualify for 100% coverage, there are several tiers, and you may still be eligible for discounts.

Upon meeting with a Financial Counselor, you’ll be either approved or denied at this meeting. Once approved you’ll be able to schedule an appointment for any of our services offered, as well as take advantage of our low-cost pharmacy.

When meeting with a Financial Counselor, they will need to see proof of current income. This proof can be provided in several forms. A complete list can be found above on this page.

Yes, you will need proof of income for everyone within the household that has an income. This is used to help determine where you will appear on the sliding scale.

All Sliding Discount Program members need to reapply every 9 months to maintain their status. This is used to make adjustments to the scale, to make sure you’re saving as much as possible.

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