Patient Info: Kid Care

Created through the Social Security act and reauthorized in 2009. Through its four partners, including Florida Healthy Kids, the program covers children from birth through age 18:

Florida Kid Care and Healthy Kids

Florida Kid Care is a state run program that provides high-quality, low-cost health coverage to low-income children 18 and under who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have limited or no health insurance.

Florida Kid Care is made possible by four partnering agencies that will help provide assistance for quality health care for your child until the age of 19. Healthy Kids and Medikids are included in these partners.

Health Services Covered

  • Doctor visits
  • Check-ups and shots
  • Hospital
  • Surgery
  • Prescriptions
  • Emergencies
  • Vision and hearing
  • Dental
  • Mental health

Apply For Florida Kid Care And Healthy Kids

The application process is open year round and typically will take 4-6 weeks to process from the time the application is submit.

Kid Care Resources

More information on these programs and how to obtain access for them can be found on the state of Florida’s website. Below are a few links we found may be helpful to you.

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