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Florida KidCare

Created through the Social Security act and reauthorized in 2009. Through its four partners, including Florida Healthy Kids, the program covers children from birth through age 18.

Florida KidCare and Healthy Kids

Florida KidCare is a state-run program that provides high-quality, low-cost health coverage to low-income children 18 and under who are not eligible for Medicaid and who have limited or no health insurance.

Florida KidCare is made possible by four partnering agencies that will help provide assistance for quality health care for your child until the age of 19. Healthy Kids and Medikids are included in these partners.

Health Services Covered

All Florida KidCare programs are applied for with one application. Florida KidCare will place your child in the program that best meets your child’s needs.

Florida KidCare
Quick Guide

1) Submit an Application Form

Visit to submit an online application for your child.

2) Financial Information

Remember to have your financial information ready as part of the application process.

4) Get Approved

After approval, you're able to schedule an appointment with a Community Health Centers pediatrician.

Remember to Renew

You must renew every 12 months either online or through the mail.

The application process is open year-round and typically will take 4-6 weeks to process from the time the application is submitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Florida KidCare typically ranges from $15 – $20 per month but can also come at no-cost. A full-pay option is available for households with higher incomes. Families may also have some small co-pays for certain services.

Dental services are covered, but coverage may be different with each plan and program.

Benefits include well-child visits, shots, hospital stays, dental coverage, vision services, prescriptions, mental health services and much more!

Yes. You must renew every 12 months. We will send you a reminder in the mail. You can renew online or through the mail.

It can take four to six weeks. Coverage begins only on the first of the month after your child’s eligibility has been determined and the first month’s premium has been paid, if a premium is needed.

Your Florida KidCare health plan and dental plan or program will send you an identification card. You will present this card to the doctor’s office when receiving care.

Your child could lose coverage if you do not make a payment on time, your child reaches 19 years of age, your child gets another form of health insurance (Medicaid, private or employer-sponsored), you do not renew their account every year, or your child moves to another state. There may be other reasons that a child could lose coverage too.

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