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How do Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC’s) succeed in a competitive market?

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For non-profit health centers such as ours to remain viable, we must always focus on providing an exceptional patient experience above all else. This means making access to care easy and as seamless as possible. It also means being innovative with our offerings and emphasizing healthy behaviors. And, it means that we need to provide the services our community needs the most.

The experiences we provide patients at Community Health Centers, Inc (CHC) are designed to be second to none. We continually research and analyze trends throughout the health industry to identify ways that we can bring additional value to our patients.

Whether we are redesigning our waiting areas, enhancing preventative care services, or looking at the best ways to incorporate telehealth and telemedicine, our goal is to always be a patient-centered medical home to those that trust and value our services.

We will also continue to communicate and interact with our patients in new and quicker ways – such as through our patient portal, or our social media channels. We need to be able to meet and interact with our patients in the locations where they most frequently are.

Our patient-first atmosphere and culture allow us to be a partner in health as well as a trusted resource in sickness, and that is why we are fortunate to have been as successful as we have been since our founding.

As always, I invite you to learn more about the positive impact we are having on our communities.

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