Patient Info: All of Us Program

All of Us Logo with Friendly Participants

The All of Us program is part of the Precision Medicine initiative, which helps to accelerate health research and medical breakthroughs.

What is the All of Us Research Program?

The All of Us program helps researchers learn how to fit the right treatments to the right people. People from all over the United States are joining the All of Us program so that research can reflect the diversity of our country. People who join will give information about their own health, habits and what it’s like where they live.

A set of core values is guiding the development and implementation of the All of Us Research Program:

  • Participation is open to all
  • Participants reflect the rich diversity of the U.S
  • Participants are partners
  • Trust will be earned through transparency
  • Participants have access to their information
  • Data will be accessed broadly for research purposes
  • Security and privacy will be of highest importance
  • The program will be a catalyst for positive change in research

Using the the data from patients, researchers are able to look for patterns and learn more about what is affecting peoples health.

Want to Help? Joining is Easy!

To participate in the All of Us program, you will help provide researchers with information about your health that could help you and others. Complete the form below to find out how to get started.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine is health care that is based on the individual. It takes into account factors like where you live, what you do, and your family health history. Precision medicine’s goal is to be able to tell people the best ways to stay healthy.

Community Health Centers is a partner in the nationally run All of Us program, and offers sign-up assistance to patients that are interested in joining. If you have questions about the program, please use the contact form above.