What does it mean to be a physician CEO


Head shot of blonde female wearing a green top.Dr. Debra Andree, President and CEO

As I begin to transition into my new leadership role here at Community Health Centers, I have taken some time to reflect upon what it personally means to me to be a physician CEO.

I consider my medical career to be a great honor and privilege. Having been directly involved in patient care for the majority of my career, first as a nurse and then as a physician, I have been fortunate to gain a perspective that others may not necessarily have had the opportunity to experience.

This perspective has helped me see first-hand how business, operational and administrative decisions impact the delivery of care. No matter which challenges we are presented with, the well-being of our patients and the workforce must always remain a priority.

As a physician, I have been trained to always question and evaluate. I was also trained to remain calm throughout stressful situations and quickly analyze evidence and make recommendations for the best possible outcomes. I believe that these experiences have prepared me well for this next step in my career.

Thinking beyond a current isolated situation to be able to solve bigger problems is another area where I believe that physician training is valuable.

However, the most vital aspect of being a physician is also the most important aspect of being a CEO, and that is to care deeply about the people whose lives you are responsible for. I take this responsibility very seriously and look forward to this next chapter in my life and career.